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Our Mission.

Serene View Manor is a community that is peaceful and serene, yet full of life and activity. I wanted it to be a place that the resident’s family members of all ages enjoy coming to.

It is located in a beautiful setting with a nice view of the Cascades. Serene View Manor includes private and semi-private rooms, two large common areas, a large kitchen with an open feel, and an organic garden.


Our purpose is to provide a home in Snohomish, WA, where people can live in a healthy environment and enjoy their senior years. We strive to offer social interaction and activities to help residents achieve their optimum level of mental and physical health. We do this by placing great emphasis on providing a loving and caring environment where residents enjoy all aspects of life and feel at home. Residents of Serene View Manor in Snohomish, Washington have a place to call home, relax, and have a sense of purpose.


Our assisted living facility is located in Snohomish, Washington on top of Fobes Hill. It is a quiet semi-rural neighborhood under 10 minutes from Everett Washington. We have easy access to Highway 9 and US 2 along with two hospitals within 20 minutes. Average aid car response time is only four to seven minutes. We are only a mile from downtown Snohomish!


We provide activities to support social interactions and physical and mental stimulation. There are regular morning exercise and stretching sessions for residents. In addition, our Adult Family Home offers Three home-cooked meals are made daily. We use seasonal veggies from our organic garden when possible. Fresh fruit and veggies are available anytime, as well as a few tasty treats.

Long Term Care

Are you wondering whether to choose an adult family home rather than an assisted living or nursing facility? Here are some thoughts to consider. Sometimes an assisted living facility could be the better choice versus an adult family home, and vice a versa. For example, if someone is very active, can independently stick to a schedule and walk themselves out to activities and meals, and enjoy participating in those activities, then assisted-living is a great option. But, if they are going to pretty much stay secluded in their room, and need help remembering to go to meals, then they might be better off in an adult family home.

The same goes for a nursing facility versus an adult family home. If an elderly person has a lot of complexity and skilled nursing needs, then maybe a nursing facility might be a good option, but often a person‘s medical needs can be met with the care of a caregiver in an adult family home where they get more personalized attention. The main difference with an adult family home compared to both of these larger settings is that the person is living in their own home when they live in an adult family home, they just have roommates rather than living by themselves.

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8124 64th St SE
Snohomish, WA 98290
10 minutes from Everett, WA

If you're using GPS to get to Serene View Manor, use the address 8114 64th St. SE to have the GPS bring you to the correct driveway. We share a driveway with the water pump station next door.

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