Senior Care With Compassion

At Serene View Manor we are incredibly proud of our caregivers and the family that we create together.  Read all about our staff below.

Doreen Brazell—Owner

“The most joy for me is seeing the results of what a good diet can do…  I am interested in nutrition, sustainable living, and permaculture. I have had an interest in community living for a long time and that interest led me to create Serene View Manor, which began operation in 2007. The last several years have been an interesting experience, but the most joy has come for me when I started to see results of what a good diet can do to help improve brain function as well as other health aspects. I look forward to helping other people improve their health as time goes on.”

Serene View Manor


“I have been working with elderly people for 30 years now, and it never gets old. The joy I get from their great wisdom, stories of their lives in times I never was alive to see, and their sweet childlike ways bring me true fulfillment in my life!! I pray I will be healthy enough to do this work until I am their age.”

Shauna Profile


“I have been working as a caregiver for eight years and have been at Serene View Manor since May 2013.  I have finished my prerequisites for the nursing program at Everett Community College and plan on graduating eventually.  I am married with a young child and have always been interested in living as close to the earth as possible.  My interest in good nutrition, and overall good health, combined with my strong desire to help people no matter the age, race, religion, or gender makes me feel right at home here at beautiful Serene View Manor where the food and environment is very healthy and natural.  It is very fulfilling to work somewhere where I get to be with people in the last stages of their life and learn much from the experience as well.”

Assisted Living Snohomish Staff

Marshmallow & Aussie

“We like working with elderly people because they shower us with love and attention. They make a great audience and like to take naps.”

Seniors Animals