Senior Naturopathic Care
In the Garden!

The Positive Effects of Nutrition

We recognize the amazing regenerative qualities of good nutrition.  We serve home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients.  We use organic produce as much as possible and our garden is organically grown.  Every morning we offer the residents a nutritious green smoothie to start their day.


Festive meals are prepared from our collection of resident-tested recipes. We also sometimes fix family favorites from our residents’ old recipe boxes.  Fresh whole foods help us maintain good health, recover quickly and feel our best.  We frequently serve veggies right from our organic garden.

Special Diets
Organic Food Seniors
Enjoy a strawberry snack!

We can accommodate a variety of special dietary requests, such as gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free, low sugar, vegan, and vegetarian as desired.  Other special diets, such as the Gerson Diet, are also an option.

We Have Healthy Snacks

There are always fresh fruit and vegetables available to residents (selection varies with the seasons).  Fresh baked goods are served at our afternoon tea parties.

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